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2021-2022 HBF Grant Cycle Recipients Announced

 [ Technological Development ]
Grants for technological research and development relating to broadcasting technology.

Project Name Applicant
Design of Porous Particles by Flash Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation and its Application to Acoustic Materials Yoshihisa Fujii
Mie University, Associate Professor
Development of Modulation and Demodulation Technique with Highly Efficient Frequency Utilization and Its Application to Adaptive Modulation Coding Shun Kojima
Utsunomiya University, Assistant Professor
Development of Motion capture smart wear  Seiichi Takamatsu
The University of Tokyo, Associate Professor
A Reliable Contet Replication System Based on Node Failure Models Tomoya Kawakami
University of Fukui, Senior Assistant Professor
Development of a chat robot that plays video games together Masayuki Kanbara
Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Associate Professor

[ Human Studies and Culture ]
Grants for human and social scientific research studies and cultural projects relating to broadcasting.

Project Name Applicant
10-year time-series analysis of earthquake-related TV coverage using video archives Ritsu Yonekura
Nihon University, Professor
Study on the Reception of Tsunami Evacuation Caster Comments -Quantitative Survey of Coastal Area Residents- Shingo Fukumoto
Mainichi Broadcasting System, Radio & TV Announcer
How local media should utilize social media in disasters coverage for complementary cooperation Yasuto Uchida
Mejiro University, Associate Professor
Research on the Nature and Discipline of Reality Television: Based on Circumstances and Discussions in the United States. Kazuki Ueda
Department of Liberal Arts, Junior College, University of Shizuoka, Assistant Professor
Development of new weather content in Vietnam, utilizing Japanese weather forecasting technology. Takashi Asai
Samuel Beckett and experimental British television Hajin Park
University of Reading, Doctoral Student
Cultural Exchange between Japan and Taiwan through Broadcast Programs Mafumi Fujita
Hosei University, Professor
Live Streaming Audiences in Japan and Australia: A Comparative Study Mark Johnson
University of Sydney, Lecturer
Political Polarization and Television in Taiwan: A Comparative Study of American and Taiwanese Democracy Masahito Watanabe
Hokkaido University, Associate Professor
Research for 78rpm records of radio broadcast program Mariko OKUBO
The Kyushu University Museum,
Japanese Entertainers Appearing on American Television during the Post-World War II Era Goro Oba
Bukkyo University, Professor
The Young Lady Who Appeared on the TV Program for Toddlers Called "Okasan To Issho" in Postwar Japan Yoshiki Shuto
Daito Bunka University, Associate Professor
Cultural Histories of the Early Commercial Channels and Visiting Musicians in Post-occupation Japan Sota Chu
Fukuoka Jo Gakuin Unversity, Lecturer
The concept of sexual violence and the evolution of its categories : from the perspective of audiovisual media (1980 - present) Yukiko ITOH
Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales / Universite Paris Pantheon-Assas,
History of Japanese mental health literacy education: Focusing on the welfare and health education broadcasts Miwako Sugimori
The University of Tokyo,Graduate school of Education, Student of PhD Program
listing and archiving of "The age of regionalism video festival" past entries Hajime Ichimura
Kansai University, Visiting Professor
Digital Archiving Project for Research Records of Kenjiro Takayanagi, the Father of Television Toru Aoki
Shizuoka University, Professor
Research on human resource development for the construction and utilization of the Digital Script Museum Shunsaku Ikehata
the Comsortium for the Promotion of Broadcaet Script Archives in Japan, Representative Director
Building a program testimony archive for broadcasters and Social transmission Takafumi Murakami
The Television and Radio Writers Association of Japan, Managing Director
The possibilities of a new broadcasting culture will be realized by the leading role of residents. Akira Kishimoto
Prism Co.,Ltd., president
Making and the spread of report comment plan in the earthquake, storm surge, etc. Toshinori Tanaka
Fukuoka Broadcasting System Corp.,
AIBD/HBF Regional Workshop on Training of Health Journalism Philomena Gnanapragasam
Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development (AIBD), Director
ABU TV-Con Yasushige Nagahata
Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union, Director of ABU Programming