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2020-2021 HBF Grant Cycle Recipients Announced

 [ Technological Development ]
Grants for technological research and development relating to broadcasting technology.

Project Name Applicant
Development of high-performance electrets for future Organic Solid-State Acoustic Sensors Hajime Nakanotani
Kyushu University,Associate Professor
Visible light communication device using QR code composed of pieces of liquid crystal Mikio Maeda
Kogakuin University,Professor
Study on New Data Format of Free-viewpoint Television Masayuki Tanimoto
Nagoya Industrial Science Research Institute,Senior Research Fellow
Development of a new SWIR camera for continuous measurements of dawn-noon side auroras Takanori Nishiyama
National Institute of Polar Research,Assistant Professor
A study on development of a vision training system using VR Fumiya Kinoshita
Toyama Prefectural University,Lecturer
Proposal for teaching methods that promote an effective development of eye movement and body coordination Kanji Kitahama
Tokai University,Associate Professor

[ Human Studies and Culture ]
Grants for human and social scientific research studies and cultural projects relating to broadcasting.

Project Name Applicant
10-year time-series analysis of earthquake-related TV coverage using video archives Ritsu Yonekura
Nihon University, Professor
A Study on Technical Knowledge and Uncertainty in Disaster Coverage Kuniko Sakata
Tohoku University, Senior Assistant Professor
Making and the spread of report comment plan in the meteorological disaster Toshinori Tanaka
Fukuoka Broadcasting System Corp.
"Disaster radio operated by those retired from this industry" MASAHIKO YOSHII
Considerations to enhance the social values of Community-broadcastings for higher priority choice as information-tools in the major disaster Shinya Koizumi
Wakkanai Hokusei Gakuen University, Professor
Publicity in the Internet age based on the knowledge of broadcast programs and CM examinations Hiroyoshi Sunakawa
Rikkyo University, Professor
Copyright Issues related to the Artistic Works in the Occasion of Broadcasting and Communications Ryu Takabayashi
Waseda University, Professor
Television Media Effect on Coronavirus Disease Crisis and Public Health Awareness: Valuing the Ideas and Actions of Japan for Bangladesh Moni Monir Hossain
Program on Japan & Global Affairs, Bangladesh Asia Institute for Global Studies, Research Professor
The Professionalization of Amateur Live Streaming Broadcasters Johnson Mark
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, The University of Sydney, Lecturer
Theory and Practice of Eizo in The 1960s and 1970s Japan Kugo Kasumi
SUNY Binghamton University, Ph.D. student
History of Local Broadcasting Before and After the Wars from the Perspective of Objects: Focusing on Attempts to Build Radio Pagodas by JOBK  Tomomi Maruyama
Fukuyama University, Lecturer
A Media History of ''Chinese Studying Program'' in Japan Broadcasting Corporation: From the Perspective of Japan-China Relations QIUYING WEN
Graduate school of Education, Kyoto University, Graduate Student
The Influence of Far East Network/American Forces Network on English Study Shuichi Tsukada
Sagami Women's University, Lecturer
Elements of Imperial Subjects Formation in Radio Storytelling Programs for Children in Japan, 1931-1945 Miwako Nakamura
Ochanomizu University, Researcher
The representation of "Furusato"(hometown) created by local folk festivals and performing arts: Focusing on TV program "Furusato no Uta-Matsuri"(local song festival in hometown) Shunsuke Takeda
Hosei University, Professor
Participation in Mass Media and Culture by Youth, 1970-1980 Tominaga Kyoko
Ritsumeikan University, Associate Professor
Sexual violence as a social problem: focusing on the relationship between NHK and feminist movements (2010-present) Yukiko Itoh
Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales, PhD candidate
A Study of Self-Reflective Expression in Television Dramas on the Subject of Media Technology Shigeru Matsui
Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences, Associate Professor
A Comprehensive Study on Idol Audition Programs : From the Viewpoint of History, Media , and Cross-cultural Comparison  Shoichi Ota
Association of Broadcast Critics, Writer
Achieving edutainment by broadcasting interaction--Discourse analysis of NHK children's science telephone discussion  Yusuke Okada
Osaka University, Associate Professor
Building a program testimony archive for broadcasters and  Social transmission    Murakami Takafumi
The Television and Radio Writers Association of Japan, Managing Director
Empirical research on education and social use toward the completion of "Broadcast Script Archives" Shunsaku Ikehata
The Comsortium for the Promotion of Broadcaet Script Archives in Japan, Representative Director
Children Media Hub - a project to enhance educational children's programs production skills among Asian broadcasters YASUSHIGE NAGAHATA
Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union, Director of Programming