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2019-2020 HBF Grant Cycle Recipients Announced

 [ Technological Development ]
Grants for technological research and development relating to broadcasting technology.

Project Name Applicant
Development of High-Performance Blue Organic Light-Emitting Diodes for Next-Generation Display Technologies Takuma Yasuda
Kyushu University, Professor
Study on speckle noise suppression of electronic holographic 3-dimensional displays by liquid crystal optical phase fluctuation devices Hideo Fujikake
Tohoku University, Professor
Directional speaker using dielectric elastomer actuators Naoki Hosoya
Shibaura Institute of Technology, Professor
A Basic Study of Wireless Booster in Millimeter Wave Band Hiroyuki Hamazumi
National Institute of Technology, Tokyo College,Professor
Reality design of mid-air image Naoya Koizumi
Media Science and Engineering Program, Department of Informatics, Graduate School of Informatics and Engineering, The University of Electro-Communications, Assistant Professor 
Multi-view video acquisition using a single camera combined with mirror arrays for providing datasets of dynamic light fields Kazuya Kodama
National Institute of Informatics, Associate Professor
Researches on Image Compression using Machine Learning and its Applications Jiro Katto
Waseda University, Professor
Algorithm development for acoustic data requantization by multi-step optimization Akihiko Yoneya
Nagoya Institute of Technology, Associate Professor
Rich Transcription Technology Using Speech, Emotion and Sound Event Recognition Hiromitsu Nishizaki
University of Yamanashi, Associate Professor
The study of VR presentations for effective memory formation Kyoko Hine
Toyohashi University of Technology, Assistant Professor

[ Human Studies and Culture ]
Grants for human and social scientific research studies and cultural projects relating to broadcasting.

Project Name Applicant
Redefining role of radio station in communities in times of disaster and emergency Michimasa Matsumoto
Kindai University, Associate Professor
The Origin of the Public-Private Partnership in British Broadcasting Policy Takao Terui
King's College London, PhD student
Different Ways of Protecting News Sources Depending on Whether They Are Named or Not  Taeka Matsubara
The University of Tokyo, Assistant Professor
Research on the possibilities and challenges that will arise from proactive use of AI technology in Journalism and media business Kiyoshi Okonogi
Research Group on AI and Journalism, Chairman
Transformation of the broadcasting industry from the perspective of the program production companies  Shikata Yumi
Miyazaki Municipal University, Professor 
Study of School Broadcasting during the War - Focus on relationship between School Education and Society - Hiroki Sato
Graduate School of Human-Environment Studies, Kyushu University, Postgraduate student (Master's course)
A Study about the Role of Broadcasting in the Formation and Development of Japanese Children's Chorus Culture Before and After the War Keiji Sato
Seika Women's Junior College, full-time lecture
Changes in the Portrait of Junior High School: A Study of NHK Social Educational Program Chugakusei Nikki Lingwei Wang
Graduate School of Education, Kyoto University, Graduate student
The possibilities of ensuring and improving the quality using interview guidance and broadcast program in correspondence high school Masanobu Sakamoto
Nagoya University, Associate Professor
A Comparative Analysis of Political Talk Shows on Taiwanese Television Watanabe Masahito
Hokkaido University, Associate Professor
Relationship between NHK "Agricultural Program" production method and Okinawa remote island media network Shuichi Funato
Shizuoka University of Art and Culture, Associate Professor
The Transformation of Audience in the Development of Online Streaming Service in the Age of Globalization: A Comparative Study of 'Terrace House' and Netflix Yoshitaka Mori
Tokyo University of the Arts, Professor
On Counter Measures against Global Copyright Infringement on Internet Distribution of Broadcast Contents -Based on investigations in Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong- Wanli Cai
Toyohashi University of Technology, Institute of Liberal Arts and Science, Associate Professor
A survey of administrative news movies with Ibaraki prefectural government news reels archives construction and content analysis Yoshikatsu Haruki
Ferris University, Professor
A Model of Social Utilization of "Broadcast Script Archives" and International Dissemination Syunsaku Ikehata
The Consortium for the Promotion of Broadcast Script Archives in Japan, Representative Director
Creation of the vedeo recording series [Testimonies of Breadcasers] Kazuyuki Ogawa
Broadcast Creators Association of Japan, Director
#ABUdigital2020, a project to enhance digital contents production skills among Asian broadcasters Koichi Okumura
Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union, Director of Programming
AIBD/HBF Regional Workshop for Broadcasters on engaging communities for telling stories Philomena Gnanapragasam
Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Dvelopment, Officiating Director
Tokyo Docs 2020 Yukihiko Amagi
Tokyo Docs, Chairperson
Japan-Korea-China Television Culture Forum 2020 in Tokyo Kenichiro Mikado
Japan-Korea-China Television Culture Forum 2020 Executive Committee, Secretariat
Screening masterpiece of TV dramas and holding symposium Takayuki Sugano
Shinichi Ichikawa Best Scenario Award Foundation, Director
The age of regionalism video festival 40th anniversary project Hajime Ichimura
Kansai University, Visiting Professor
The domestic and overseas transmission of the educational effects of performing arts activities and friendship through the international cultural exchange during The TOYAMA World Festival of Children's Theatre in 2020 Kiyoshi Kato
Toyama Prefectural Artistic and Cultural Association, President