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2018-2019 HBF Grant Cycle Recipients Announced

 [ Technological Development ]
Grants for technological research and development relating to broadcasting technology.

Project Name Applicant
Development of Single Layer Light-emitting Devices with Molecules Including Ionic Substituents  Kenjiro Onimura
Professor, Yamaguchi University
Development of monitoring system for magnetic storms affecting broadcasting satellites Keisuke Hosokawa
Associate Professor, The University of Electro-Communications
Visible light communication system aiming for hands-free conversation between divers Mikio Maeda
Professor, Kogakuin University
Study of multicast transmission rate adaptive control using QoE indicator Hiraguri Takefumi
Professor, Nippon Institute of Technology
Study on New Configuration of Free-viewpoint Television Masayuki Tanimoto
Senior Research Fellow, Nagoya Industrial Science Research Institute
Web Mining Technology for Aggregating and Presenting Concerns of TV Audience Takehito Utsuro
Professor, University of Tsukuba
Speech synthesis automatically changing speaking styles depending on content Kei Hashimoto
Associate Professor, Nagoya Institute of Technology
Visual perceptive function related to three dimensional aerial images Sumio Yano
Professor, Shimane University
The critical temporal window for keeping natural first person view in HM Takako Yoshida
Associate Professor,
Tokyo Institute of Technology 
Study on the role of motion parallax for comfort and natural 3D displays Haruki Mizushina
Associate Professor, Tokushima University
Color reproduction system based on perceptual properties for large color differences of color deficient observers Takehiro Nagai
Associate Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Analysis of athletes' skills with wireless eye movement analyzer and 4K pictures Mitsuho Yamada
Professor, Tokai University

[ Human Studies and Culture ]
Grants for human and social scientific research studies and cultural projects relating to broadcasting.

Project Name Applicant
Localism as pubic interest in the Japan's Broadcasting System   Shuya Hayashi
Professor, Nagoya University
The Licence Fee of the German Public Service Broadcasters Hidemi Suzuki
Professor, Keio University
A RESEARCH INTO PROGRAM TEST - Considering Public Responsibility of Commercial Broadcast - Hiroyoshi Sunakawa
Professor, Rikkyo University
Study of evacuees support by the media Hiroyuki Fujita
graduate student, Nagoya University
Real problems of community-based radio as information infrastructure in 2018 Hokkaido Eastern Iburi earthquake. Shinya Koizumi
Professor, Wakkanai Hokusei Gakuen University
Approaches to Communicating to Persons with Limited Access to Information by Local Community FM Broadcasting - Similiarities and Originalites - Yumi Hasegawa
Associate Professor, Kinki University
Using radio as a tool for social inclusion: An action research approach Akiko Ogawa
Associate Professor, Nagoya University
The streaming of Japanese TV content in China Goro Oba
Professor, Bukkyo University 
Transformation of the broadcasting industry from the perspective of the  program production companies Yumi Shikata
Professor, Miyazaki Municipal University
Survey and Analysis of Former Success and Current Decline of Japanese Television Programs in Western Europe: Phase3 Marco Pellitteri
Lecturer, Shanghai International Studies University School of Journalism and Communication
A Study on the Oral History of International Cultural Exchange through Japanese Radio Broadcast in Russia and the US Yusuke Tanaka
Associate Professor, Toyo University
Media History of Weathercasting Koki Mizuide
JSPS Research Fellow
The Core of Television: 65 years of Japanese Variety Program History Yuki Nakayama
PhD candidate, University of Michigan
Analysis of the Structure and Reforms of the Broadcasting Industry: A Case Study of the Gulf Countries Yushi Chiba
Associate Professor, Komatsu University
The Impact of Broadcast Contents for Inclusive Education Chikae Kaihara
Ph.D. Student, Graduate Program in International and Cultural Studies, Tsuda University
Trial of new utilization model of " Broadcast script Archives " and international dissemination Shunsaku Ikehata
Representative Director, The Consortium for the Promotion of Broadcast Script Archives in Japan 
Tokyo Docs 2019 Yukihiko Amagi
President, Tokyo Docs
The project aimed to enhance the ability of creating digital contents among the Asian broadcasters through #ABU Digital activity Koichi Okumura
Director, Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union
Radio Drama for Preventing VIolent Extremism Golam Mourtoza
Director, Centre for Communication and Development (CCD Bangladesh)
Specialized human resource training project that contributes to enhancement of sign language broadcasting Eiichi Takada
President, Organization for Broadcasting and Communications for People with Disabilities
Screening masterpiece of TV dramas and holding symposium Takayuki Sugano
Director, Shinichi Ichikawa Best Scenario Award Foundation
Video-recording of Broadcast Creators' Message Norio  Kumabe
Director, Hosojoinnnokai (Association of Broadcast Creators)