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2022-2023 HBF Grant Cycle Recipients Announced

 [ Technological Development ]
Grants for technological research and development relating to broadcasting technology.

Project Name Applicant
Development of new organic gelators for lithium-ion batteries with both battery performance and safety Hiroaki Okamoto
Yamaguchi University, Associate Professor
Research of Single Carrier Wireless Transmission System for Television Program Contribution using Microwave Band Hiroyuki Hamazumi
National Institute of Technology, Tokyo College, Professor
Study on customized color collection method for cross-media color matching Yasuki Yamauchi
Yamagata University, Professor
Research on 3D perception by the video system using plane fog screen Kenji Yamamoto
Tokushima University, Professor
Development of high dynamic presence cinematography techniques with motion sickness reduction using unmanned aerial vehicle. Takashi Yamazoe
Seikei University , Assistant Professor
A study on the development of a system for recommending relevant information using eye gaze while browsing websites Yuko Hoshino
Tokai University, Junior associate professor

[ Human Studies and Culture ]
Grants for human and social scientific research studies and cultural projects relating to broadcasting.

Project Name Applicant
Research on the possibilities and challenges that will arise from proactive use of AI technology in Journalism and media business Kiyoshi Okonogi
Research Group on AI and Journalism, Chairman
Research on Transnational Television Program Production Practice--Methods of Fieldwork ZIQI ZHU
The University of Tokyo
A virtual reality platform for international collaborative arts performance for the people with disabilities utilizing volumetric video and broadcast communication  Shigenori Mochizuki
Ritsumeikan University, College of Image Arts and Sciences, Associate Professor
Estimating the Private Benefits and Tax Burdens of Public Broadcasting Manabu Shishikura
Nagasaki University, Professor
Research on New Trends for Broadcasting Licence Fee and Funding in Europe Shuya Hayashi
Nagoya University, Professor
Research on handling of whistleblowing by the media for effective implementation in whistleblower protection system Shogo Hino
Shukutoku University, Associate Professor
Franco-Japanese research collaboration on social withdrawal and suicide-prevention measures, taking into account the social situation in France and Japan Tadaaki Furuhashi
Nagoya University Research Center of Health, Physical Fitness and Sports, Associate Professor
Representations of Paralympians on Japanese Television: Gender, Disability and Sport Naomi Kobayashi
Aichi University of Technology, Associate Professor
Practical Research on the Roles of Media in Risk Communication Kuniko Sakata
Tohoku University, Senior Assistant Professor
A Study on residents' evaluation of Tsunami Evacuation Caster Comments in TV and Radio programs Shingo Fukumoto
Mainichi Broadcasting System
Research on the Beginning of Temporary Disaster Broadcasting Stations Tetsuo Matsuura
Ryukoku University, Specially Appointed Lecturer
An Empirical Research on Wide-Area Collaboration in Community Broadcast Media Kanayo Ushiyama
Mejiro University, Professor
A study of community radio from the perspective of offender rehabilitation Miyuki Haga
Graduate school of Informatics, Nagoya University,
Study on the Joseon Aak Music Radio Programs on Kyongsong Broadcasting Station (JODK) : Preservation and Promotion Yu Muto
Hokkaido University
Media History in Remote Islands of Okinawa Koki Mizuide
Doshisha University, Assistant Professor
International Broadcasters and Cosmopolitanism: A Case Study of Qatar Yushi Chiba
Komatsu University, Associate Professor
Archive of program testimonies of broadcast writers and dissemination research on "TV impressions" Tamako Sarada
TV&Radio Writer's Association of Japan, screenwriter
AIBD/HBF Regional Workshop on Reporting for Climate Change Adaptation Philomena Gnanapragasam
Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development(AIBD), Director
ABU CON-FEST Nagahata Yasu
Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union, Director of ABU Programming
Empirical research on the construction of a "Digital Screenplay Museum" and the use of screenplays Shunsaku Ikehata
The Comsortium for the Promotion of Broadcaet Script Archives in Japan, Representative Director
Improvement of the application system and management of videos in "The Age of Regional Video Festival" Hideaki Matsuyama
Kansai University, Associate Professor