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The HBF had been provided annual support of US$10,000 for the JAPAN PRIZE from 2003 to 2022.

Hoso Bunka Foundation Prize 2022


“Teen Talk” wins Hoso Bunka Foundation Prize in TV Proposal Division

The winners of the JAPAN PRIZE 2022, an annual international contest for educational media, were announced at its online awards ceremony on November 4. In the TV Proposal Division, the Hoso Bunka Foundation Prize for the best proposal, selected from the 6 finalists out of 32 entries from 16 countries and regions, was awarded to “Teen Talk” by Impact Media for Artistic Solutions, Egypt.

The Japan Prize Week sessions (November 1 – 4) were held in Tokyo, connecting all the finalists and viewers around the world online due to the still worrying situation of the COVID-19. Yet, for the first time in three years, the Japan Prize was able to invite the Final Jury members to do their jobs in Tokyo.

The winning proposal “Teen Talk” will be the first and only news program for children ever in Egypt and the Arab world, in which media professionals and teen reporters appear and try to grab the interest of young viewers by using sophisticated graphics. The news show is expected to empower youth with unbiased information and provide a platform to discuss their issues, which the Egyptian media company believes is important to have a brighter future there.

Fadi Haroun, founder and CEO of Impact Media, participating in the ceremony virtually from Cairo expressed his deep gratitude by saying, “I’m excited. It’s a very revolutionary program that I’d like to have in my country and in the region because we need to have a good program for children to have a voice and share their opinions, also to get education from other youth around the world.”

Simon Kessler, Chairperson of Proposal Pitch started his comment with praise for the quality of producer’s oral presentation that convinced the jury in all aspects of program production. He also expressed the Jury’s high expectations that “Teen Talk” would become a true space for discussion and opportunity to exchange ideas and important social and political issues in Egypt and to educate young generations to become active, independent and freethinking citizens.

The TV Proposal Division is intended to support the realization of ideas for educational TV programs in countries/regions with limited budgets and technical facilities. The winner receives a cash prize of US $10,000 and is required to produce and broadcast the proposed program within the year following receipt of the prize.

»JAPAN PRIZE 2022⇒ https://www.nhk.or.jp/jp-prize/english/index.html

TV Proposal Division Finalists

Title Entering Organization Country/
The Story of the Dew
☆Excellent Proposal (The National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan Prize)
Adamant Studios Bangladesh
Teen Talk
★The Best Proposal (The Hoso Bunka Foundation Prize)
Impact Media for Artistic Solutions Egypt
Kidnapping story 5 Palcev Animation Studio Kyrgyz
Heroic Hands Hayriye Yapim Production Company   Turkey
My Father, My Hero Penny Wise Films Pvt Ltd India
Muppets to Protect Children Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation Sri Lanka