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HBF Prize 2017

“A Letter To Jejara” Wins Hoso Bunka Foundation Prize in TV Proposal Division.

The winners of the JAPAN PRIZE 2017, an International contest for educational media, were announced and awarded in Tokyo on October 18. In the TV Proposal Division, the Hoso Bunka Foundation Prize for the best proposal was awarded to “A Letter To Jejara” by PS Films Production, Myanmar, selected from 5 finalists, out of 43 entries from 22 countries/regions.


Mr. Sein Lyan Tun on behalf of the production house, received the winning trophy from President of the Hoso Bunka Foundation, Dr. Yasuharu Suematsu at the awards ceremony.

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The TV Proposal Division is intended to support the realization of ideas for educational TV programs in countries/regions with limited budgets and technical facilities. The winner receives a cash prize of US $10,000 and is required to produce and broadcast the proposed program within the year following receipt of the prize.

TV Proposal Division Finalists

TitleMediaEntering OrganizationCountry/
Let's Play
☆Excellent Proposal(The National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan Prize)
Children Corporacion Cantoalegre Colombia
Beacon In The Dark Adults Bangladesh Television Bangladesh
Don't Bang Your Head on Newton Teens Royal Tutorial Project Bhutan
The Importance of Ending Child Marriages and Educating the Girl Child Teens Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation Zimbabwe
A Letter To Jejara
★The Best Proposal(The Hoso Bunka Foundation Prize)
Teens PS Films Production Myanmar

[back] Mr.Imamura(instructor of the workshop/NHK Enterprises), ★Ms.Lulu VEIRA(Colombia), Ms. Novera Nikkon (Bangladesh), Ms.Kawamura(Coordinator), ★Mr.MD Imam HOSSAIN(Bangladesh)
[front] ★Mr. Sein Lyan Tun(Myanmar), ★Mr. Tinashe ZINYEMBA, ★Mr. Kesang WANGCHUK(Bhutan)

»JAPAN PRIZE 2017⇒ https://www.nhk.or.jp/jp-prize/english/index.html