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Hoso Bunka Foundation Prize 2021


Ms. Diana Molina

“Rainbowflower: My School of the future” Wins Hoso Bunka Foundation Prize in TV Proposal Division

The winners of the JAPAN PRIZE 2021, an annual International contest for educational media, were announced and awarded on November 9. In the TV Proposal Division, the Hoso Bunka Foundation Prize for the best proposal, selected from the 6 finalists out of 22 entries from 11 countries and regions, was awarded to “Rainbowflower: My School of the future” by TINAMU FILMS, Ecuador.

Due to the still worrisome situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Japan Prize Week events (November 4 – 9) including the final judging and the awards ceremony, normally held in person in Tokyo, were carried out virtually for the second consecutive year, connecting the finalists and jurors for all divisions from around the world.

When “Rainbowflower” was called out as the winner for the best proposal at the awards ceremony, Ms. Diana Molina, filmmaker of the production, showed a big smile of surprise and delight from Ecuador. Replying to a request from the Tokyo studio for a few words, Ms. Molina expressed her deep gratitude by saying, “This is certainly an honor and a really really important win for our country Ecuador that is so small, but that has so many issues and so many beautiful places and stories to tell.”

The winning proposal “Rainbowflower: My School of the Future” is a documentary production that focuses on two major educational issues that Ecuador faces: (1) an increasing number of children deprived of opportunities for education due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and (2) the disparities among the regions. In this work, a group of 5 children from different regions and diverse ethnic backgrounds of Ecuador come together in a workshop where they tell their life stories and talk about the “School of the Future” that they envision. Then professional illustrators and educators incorporate those children’s ideas and compile them into an educational proposal. The documentary follows the children on their journey to take the proposal to Ecuador’s Ministry of Education in the end.

Mr. Abdul Hakim Amir bin Nazri

Mr. Abdul Hakim Amir bin Nazri, Chairperson of Proposal Pitch participating online from Malaysia, praised the winning proposal for its very clear educational goals for those children from circumstances that could hardly be more diverse. He also pointed out that the jury was deeply impressed that the story would tell us not only challenges during the pandemic, but also have a strong and positive theme in it. “What’s said in this part is the idea of telling stories about overcoming hardships and resilience to secure the children’s ambition and future,” said Mr. Abdul Hakim.

As Mr. Abdul Hakim commented, it is expected that Ms. Molina will come back to us next year with a wonderful documentary to be shared with the international audience.

The TV Proposal Division is intended to support the realization of ideas for educational TV programs in countries/regions with limited budgets and technical facilities. The winner receives a cash prize of US $10,000 and is required to produce and broadcast the proposed program within the year following receipt of the prize.

»JAPAN PRIZE 2021⇒ https://www.nhk.or.jp/jp-prize/english/index.html

TV Proposal Division Finalists

Title Entering Organization Country/
Speak out yourself-The abuse we're not talking about
☆Excellent Proposal (The National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan Prize)
Dhrupad Communication - Media for Education and Development Bangladesh
Rainbowflower: My School of the future
★The Best Proposal (The Hoso Bunka Foundation Prize)
Two Sailors Camello Audiovisual Colombia
MELODY OF THE MOTHER NATURE Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation Sri Lanka
The flower that is not ours Na Ants Cine SAS Mexico
Morteza's Farm ELI Image Iran