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50th HBF Prize Winners (2024)

The HBF PRIZE annually recognizes outstanding broadcast programs and digital media content that have made a deep impression on the audience, and that have contributed to the development and improvement of broadcasting culture.
The prize also honors excellence in individual/group accomplishments in the fields of Broadcasting Culture and Broadcasting Technology. In addition, this year, the foundation has decided to present the HBF 50th Anniversary Prize to five individuals and groups in total. The awards ceremony of the 50th HBF PRIZE will be held on July 9, 2024.

Award Winner Entering Organization
Grand Prix ETV特集「膨張と忘却 ~理の人が見た日本の原子力政策~」 NHK Fukuoka Station
Excellence Award The Falconer's Legacy TEMJIN CO., LTD
Incentive Award NHK Documentary 〜Mystery Man of the A-Bomb〜 NHK Hiroshima Station
fighting, and dying NHK Okinawa Station
OTV 報道スペシャル 続・水どぅ宝 
PFAS 汚染と闘う!Fight For Life
Okinawa Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
Award Winner Entering Organization
Grand Prix Whispers of a Child of God NHK ENTERPRISES, INC.
Excellence Award My First Love, Zarari TV TOKYO Corporation
Incentive Award House of Ninjas Netflix
Award Winner Entering Organization
Grand Prix Close Encounters of the Road CBC TELEVISION CO.,LTD.
Excellence Award Rutennonteru Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation
Incentive Award ななまるテレビ 
「今日、解決はしないけど。 ―熊本で生きるわたしたちのテレビ―」
Kumamoto Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
Talking about the best Radio episode on TV Ryukyu Broadcasting Corporation
Award Winner Entering Organization
Grand Prix Radio for Hikikomori NHK
Incentive Award HOSHINO GEN’s ALL NIGHT NIPPON Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.
Award for Excellence in: Winner TV Program
Lead Acting Yuumi Kawai Whispers of a Child of God
Lead Acting Sadawo Abe Extremely Inappropriate!
Planning Tenji Takakura The Falconer's Legacy
Planning Kento Kaku House of Ninjas
Writing & Directing Nozomi Matsuda ななまるテレビ 
「今日、解決はしないけど。 ―熊本で生きるわたしたちのテレビ―」
Radio Personality Nozomu Kurihara Radio for Hikikomori
Broadcasting Culture
Winner Accomplishment
Yohei Omori
Outstanding performance in historical background research for drama programs
Information Accessibility Promotion Department,
Okayama Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
Thirty-years of efforts to create an “Information Barrier-free environment” through sign language
“Radio Ainu Language Course” Production Team
(STVradio Broadcasting Co., Ltd.)
Contribution to understanding of and passing on the Ainu language through radio course
“Emi-chan Weather Forecast” Production Members
(RSK Sanyo Broadcasting Co., Ltd.)
Ten-year track record in encouraging the local agriculture sector and farming households through TV program
Broadcasting Technology
Winner Accomplishment
Satellite IP transmission System development team
Kume Sayaka
Development and promoting of satellite IP transmission system ( SKYip: SKY IP system)
Development and implementation group of 4K wireless camera system using millimeter wave
Yoshifumi Matsusaki
Development and implementation of 4K wireless camera system using millimeter wave that enables dynamic camera work in live production
Professional Baseball Broadcast Innovation Team
(Nippon Television Network Corporation, Canon Inc., THE YOMIURI SHIMBUN )
Takayuki Shinoda
(Nippon Television Network Corporation)
Professional Baseball Broadcast Using Volumetric Video
Lighting operations support system development team
(Asahi Television Broadcasting Corporation, Panasonic Corporation, MORIHEI BUTAI KIKO CO., LTD.)
Takashi Takimoto
(Asahi Broadcasting Group Holdings Corporation)
Development of lighting operations support system
the HBF 50th Anniversary Prize
Winner Accomplishment
Tetsuko Kuroyanagi (Actress/UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador) Embodying broadcasting culture as a TV performer from the early days of television to this day
Yutaka Aida (Documentary Producer) Planning and producing excellent TV documentaries for many years
Yutaka Shigenobu (Chairman and General Director, TV Man Union, Inc.) Theoretically leading the TV program production industry, Producing a TV show “Discovery of the World’s Mysteries” for 38 years
NHK Morning Drama Series Production Team Since inception of broadcast, producing 110 “Morning Dramas (Asa-Dora)” that have invigorated mornings in Japan
KAGUYA’s Onboard HDTV Development Group and TV Program Production Group Realization of the first “Earth-Rise” broadcast

*As for the 50th HBF Prize, the winning programs/organizations that don’t have an official English title/name are kept in Japanese.
*Full list of winners in Japanese https://www.hbf.or.jp/awards/article/50_hbfprize
*Awards for Broadcasting Culture/Broadcasting Technology: in chronological order of entry