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46th HBF Prize Winners (2020)

The HBF PRIZE annually recognizes television/radio programs in Japan that have made a deep impression on the audience, and that have contributed to the development and improvement of broadcasting culture. The prize also honors excellence in individual/group accomplishments in the fields of TV Programming, Broadcasting Culture and Broadcasting Technology. The winners are honored at an award ceremony.

The 2020 HBF PRIZE winners are as follows.

Awards for Outstanding Broadcasting Program

TV Documentary
AwardWinnerEntering Organization
Grand Prix NNNドキュメント'19 「なかったことに、したかった。未成年の性被害①」「なかったことに、できない。性被害②回復への道は」 Nippon Television Network Corporation
Excellence Award Dialogue with you who killed 19 people and me with severe disability Kitanihon Broadcasting Co., Ltd. 
Incentive Award  The Peace Memorial Museum Reinvented Japan Broadcasting Corporation
The Words of Emperor Showa: Records of Imperial Audiences Japan Broadcasting Corporation
The MUD~Problems of Construction Waste Soil  CBC TELEVISION CO., LTD.
TV Drama
AwardWinnerEntering Organization
Grand Prix 土曜ドラマ 心の傷をいやすということ Japan Broadcasting Corporation Osaka Station
Excellence Award The Bittersweet Tale of Otaku Japan Broadcasting Corporation Osaka Station
Incentive Award And Life Goes On WOWOW INC.
A Stranger in Shanghai  Japan Broadcasting Corporation
TV Entertainment
AwardWinnerEntering Organization
Grand Prix Unbelievable Fuji Television Network, Inc.
Excellence Award SANMA DEMOCRACY Okinawa Television Broadcasting Co.,Ltd.
Incentive Award セカンドの美学 ルパン三世・峰不二子 Japan Broadcasting Corporation
AX-ON Inc.
M-1  Another Story Asahi Television Broadcasting Corporation
AwardWinnerEntering Organization
Grand Prix ねじれちまった悲しみに TOKYO FM BROADCASTING CO.,LTD.
Excellence Award 戦争はあった Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Inc.
Encouragement Award マリエのように CBC RADIO Co., Ltd.

Awards for Outstanding Individual/Group Performance

Award for Excellence in:WinnerTV Program
Lead Acting Tasuku Emoto 土曜ドラマ 心の傷をいやすということ
Lead Acting Yuki Sakurai The Bittersweet Tale of Otaku
Performing Vital Role Katsuji Yagi Dialogue with you who killed 19 people and me with severe disability
Directing Taku Kato A Stranger in Shanghai 
Performing Vital Role Hideyuki Sugita Unbelievable
Performing Vital Role Arthur Binard 戦争はあった
Broadcasting Culture
Yoshiharu Kawabata (Lawyer) Significant contribution to the establishment of broadcasting ethics as the first chairman of the BPO Committee for the Investigation of Broadcasting Ethics
Community Media FMYY (Specified non-profit corporation) Twenty-five-years of regional radio broadcasting activity since the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, and support activities for radio broadcasting in disaster areas throughout Japan and abroad
Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake Archive Project (Asahi Television Broadcasting Corporation) Efforts to make and publish “Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake 1995 Footage Archives”
Broadcasting Technology
SFN Field Analyzer Development Team
(Yamaguchi Broadcasting Co., Ltd. , 
Japan Communication Equipment Co., Ltd.)
Masaharu Era
(Yamaguchi Broadcasting Co., Ltd.)
Development and Practicalization of SFN Field Analyzer for FM Synchronous Broadcasting
Comprehensive Contents Management System Development Group
Norihiko Imura
(Fuji Television Network, Inc.)
Broadcast workflow innovation made possible by the comprehensive contents management system and the online cue-sheet system
Flexible OLED Display Development Group
(NHK ,  Sharp Corp.)
Takahisa Shimizu 
Development of flexible OLED display for large size ultra-high-definition TV
Joint Development group of automatic real-time flash corrector,  News Technical Center News Production & Network Engineering Division Broadcast Engineering Department of NHK and Camera System Development Department of FOR-A Co., Ltd.
Haruyuki Nakamura
Development of automatic real-time flash corrector
*Awards for Individual/Group Performance: in chronological order of entry

*As for the 46th HBF Prize, the winning programs/organizations that don’t have an official English title/name are kept in Japanese.
*Full list of winners in Japanese https://hbf-files.info/46_hbfprize/
*Awards for Individual/Group Performance: in chronological order of entry