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Message from General Managing Director

Hiroshi Umeoka
General Managing Director

The Hoso Bunka Foundation, as a public interest incorporated foundation with a mission to contribute to the development of broadcasting culture, provides services based on three core pillars: (1) awarding the “HBF Prize” for outstanding achievements in the creation of broadcast programs/digital media content and in the development of broadcasting culture/broadcast technology, (2) offering the “HBF Grants” for broadcast-related research and technological development projects (3) and assisting the fostering of human resources by holding “forums for producers throughout the nation”.

I have been for years involved in broadcasting scene, where I produced news shows and documentary programs. In my career, winning the HBF Prize was one of the most exceptional experiences. The comments from the judges encouraged me, and interactions with producers from other companies inspired me great deal.

The environment surrounding broadcasting has been rapidly changing. While the convergence of broadcasting and telecommunications has advanced even further, the way people watch TV has been changing as well. I would like to express my respect for the producers who work hard every day trying to produce programs that send a powerful message and move people, and for the developers and producers who try to open up new possibilities and a new era of broadcasting even in these circumstances. Since the beginning of radio and TV broadcasting, it has been those producers’ ambition and passion that have driven the power of “broadcasting”.

Through the activities of the Hoso Bunka Foundation, I wish to send hearty cheers to those broadcasters and contribute to the improvement of broadcasting culture for a new era. I would appreciate your understanding and support.

(June 23, 2023)