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Message from General Managing Director

Toshiki Sakimoto
General Managing Director

The Hoso Bunka Foundation has evolved over its more than 40-year history since its foundation in February 1974. I believe, in this period, the foundation has contributed to the development and improvement of broadcasting culture through its activities such as “providing grants for broadcast-related research projects,” “offering honorable recognition for outstanding programs” and “cultivating human resources engaged in program production”.

The total number of projects that the HBF’s grants program has supported at home and abroad has reached over 3800, and the broadcast programs and technological development activities supported by the HBF Prize award have totaled more than 1000. In addition, The “forums for producers” that we have actively worked on is currently held at four districts in Japan, and have become a valuable opportunity for program producers to mingle with each other beyond the organizational boundaries between NHK and commercial broadcasters. It is my sincere desire that they will get even more widened as an activity unique to the HBF.

The environment surrounding broadcasting has changed rapidly. Following the completion of the switchover to digital terrestrial broadcasting, the center of attention is moving with an accelerating rate toward the 4K and 8K Ultra High Definition technology. Also, the convergence and collaboration between broadcasting and communications have evolved even further. Considering this situation, the HBF hosted a symposium entitled “From 8K to ∞” in March 2016, to discuss “what kind of impact the Ultra High Definition technology such as 4K and 8K has, not only on broadcasting but on various fields in the society,” and we also published a booklet that presented the current status and issues there. We intend to continue our efforts to be responsive to the “conditions of diversifying broadcasting culture”.

“Owls,” like the one depicted in the HBF logo are considered a “wise creature of the forest,” as well as a “symbol of wisdom”. As owls do, with “our eyes wide open” and “our ears straining,” we will make efforts to contribute to the development and improvement of broadcasting culture. We would appreciate your continued support.

(February 1, 2017)