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2017/2018 Grant Cycle

Application for the 2017/2018 Grant Cycle was closed.

Those who consider applying for the grants for 2017/2018 cycle are requested to read and understand the guidelines below. To request a softcopy of the application form, please complete and email us the “Inquiry Form” posted on Contact us. Please state “Request for application form” in the “Subject of Inquiry” section, and make sure to provide a “project title”, “its summary within 100 words” and “your postal address” in the “Inquiry details” section. Applications are accepted from August 1 to August 31, 2017.

Guidelines 2017/2018

    ・SURVEY, RESEARCH and STUDY related to
    ・Technological development of broadcasting
    ・Broadcasting culture considered to provide new perspectives and draw attention to new dimensions of broadcasting.
    ・CONFERENCE/ MEETING aimed to promote broadcasting culture and contribute to the development of broadcasting and broadcasting media.
    ・TRAINING COURSE/ SEMINAR on program production and technical operation to cope with the emerging new broadcasting technologies and systems.
  • NOTES:
    –The HBF Grant is NOT a scholarship for students.
    –Application only intended to seek travel fees is not accepted.
    –As a rule, the HBF grant is not provided for projects mainly aimed at purchasing equipment / facilities or construction of studio / office, etc.
    –Applicants are required to follow the 2016/2017 version of the Guidelines coupled with the prescribed Application Form, NOT previous ones. The format of Prescribed Application Form must not be altered.
    –Photocopied prescribed application form is accepted as long as the signature of the applicant on it is ORIGINAL, Not photocopy.
    ・The maximum grant amount for each approved proposal is ¥3million (Japanese Yen).
    ・The amount of approved grant may be reduced as a result of examination by the Committee. In order to utilize the limited fund as effectively as possible, applicants are requested to apply with precisely calculated amounts to carry out their projects. Also, they are encouraged to seek assistance from other sources besides the HBF Grant.
    ・Applicants are required to use the 2017 version of Prescribed Application Form.
    ・Application for this cycle will be accepted during a period between August 1-31, 2017.
    ・Application form must be sent by postal mail only. Any application by FAX or E-MAIL is INVALID and NOT accepted.
    ・A confirmation letter of application will be sent out to each applicant by the HBF Secretariat within a month after the application deadline August 31.
    ・Only one application per applicant is accepted.
    ・All applications will be examined and screened by the Selection Committee consisting of independent jury members commissioned by the HBF. The amount of each grant will also be examined by the Committee and referred to the HBF Board of Directors for its final decision and approval.
    ・The names of grantees will be formally announced in February 2018. The results of the selection will be informed to all applicants by the HBF Secretariat.
    ・No information concerning the selection process will be released.
    ・Projects must be implemented within a period of one year after the formal approval by the HBF Board of Directors.
    ・The HBF Grant does not cover any part of proposed projects carried out prior to the formal announcement of grantees in February 2018.
    Grant funds will be paid in two installments - the first payment to be made after the formal announcement of grantees, and the second after the submission of grantee’s interim report to the HBF. (See next section.)
    ・All grantees are required to submit an Interim Report five months after receipt of the first installment of the grant funds, and a Final Report within three (3) month after the completion of the proposed project.

Application forms must be sent by Postal Mail only.
No fax or E-mail entries will be accepted.

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